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Digital Imaging

Video Recording of the Funeral or Cremation Service
     The service is recorded using High Definition video recording equipment. Once the service  is complete, the recording is then uploaded to a private page on the Internet that is accessible using a Username and Password. The Funeral Director will give the family directions for viewing the service. Any computer, tablet or smartphone that has access to the Internet can be used without and other software of apps being required.
     The recording can be viewed any number of times for 30 days following the service. Longer times can be arranged.
     The family will be presented with a CD or DVD copy of the recording withing a few days of the service.
     Cost:  $225 for a service recorded at the Gordon-Flury Chapel. $250 for a service recorded at graveside

Video presentation of "The Life and Times" of the deceased
     With 24 hours notice, a video presentation of the "Life and Times" of the deceased can be prepared for presentation as part of the service. The video will be played either before or during the service with movie-like transition and background music. Family pictures, either photographs or digital pictures, color or black and white up to 8.5" x 10.5" can be used. When arrangements are made for delivering the pictures to the Funeral Director, the family will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to be used as captions for recording.
     The video will be shown at the front of the chapel using our 60" High Definition television monitor. A copy of the presentation will be given to the family shortly after the service, as well as return of the original pictures. When shown, the video will be looped to run for the time specified by the family.
Cost: $125 for 50 pictures, $160 for 75 pictures or $190 for 95 pictures.