Gordon-Flury Memorial Home
  Serving the family needs
of Akron for over 60 years.


Cremation is becoming an increasingly accepted means of final disposition. Gordon-Flury Memorial Home offers cremation services with all of the attendant advantages.
We call our Cremation Service- "Direct Cremation with Memorial Service" and offer it at a package price of $999.
This includes:
Removal from local place of death in Summit County
Counseling with family to ascertain vital statistic for death certificate
Filing Death Certificate
Acquiring Cremation Permit
Transportation to the Crematory
Cremation container
Cremains presented to family with standard urn (specialty urns available as an extra cost option)
Cremation Charge
Use of the chapel for a memorial service (for a period not to exceed two hours)
We can also include an optional video presentation of the life and times of the deceased, which includes up to 60 pictures chosen by the family with background music for a nominal additional cost.
 (Click here to see a sample of the video presentation.)

Cremation service is also available for small pets.

Additional cost services not included in the above:
Certified copies of the death certificate.
Cremation permit
Notices in newspapers- local or out of town
Clergy honorarium
Limousine service